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    Although most text is supplied to us as electronic files we can re-key text if necessary, including some foreign languages.

    JS Typesetting can output work in various formats, for example XML, E-Book, PDF, Indesign (source files), Word, RTF or ASCII. Although PDF is the preferred format for printers, and we will supply hard copy proofs and/or source files if the customer wishes. We can also supply the final version of the text as just text files.

    JS Typesetting can project manage work for customers who are either short of time or who would rather not oversee the process themselves. We can handle everything from the initial copy-editing of the manuscript through to supplying the printer with the files for printing.

    Redrawing of figures can also be arranged and any proof-reading required.

    JS Typesetting are happy working from supplied-style templates or generating these from scratch. Samples generated by us can be emailed to the customer, and they are free to make alterations and amendments as they see fit, until they are completely happy with the final design and style. The work is performed on high-end PC machines. Software used for typesetting includes Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, with further expertise and access to Adobe Acrobat, Word and Excel.

    This allows us to accept and process files supplied in various formats and to the standard expected by both the customer and the printer.

    Whether the final product is to be submitted as a press-ready PDF for a specific printer, or as a source file for further use by the customer in-house, JS Typesetting can supply you with precisely what you need.